Text písně


You know if you let me
I'll be back with a vengence
I'm only too happy
In our codependance
You know me

You know if you'll let me
I'll be back with vengence
Only too happy in our co-dependance

Ah... Feel like ...

Exiled from your love
I fear the sun is shining and the water is clear
I'm staring out at a blank blue sky
The perfect canvas for a sullen light
In exile
Banished from your love
I fear it's a beautiful place, bit cold at night

A ship wreck, abandoned
I'm lonely on the island
It was each man for himself
In the end

The crashing waves you're on your
You'll sink you'll drown, you think you'll
lose your fight against the sea

Good men each
Have come to meet their end
Oh, can you see me sitting here all alone?

I'd face another hurricane
to get back home.