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Fight (Over Skit)

Ashanti: Yo, we need to talk.

Guy: Here we go again, what we need to talk about man?

Ashanti: We need to talk about us, and whats goin' on.

Guy: Is that all we need to talk about?

Ashanti: Well, I been thinking, I dont think Imma be able to forgive 
and forget all this shit you been doin, it, it just aint workin out.

Guy: Yeah you know you been thinkin and I been thinking to though
ya know, you know what I been thinking, I been thinkin that
the person I got with aint standin in front of me right now, now
you done did a whole flip and change on a nigga man.

Ashanti: Oh guess what you done change all this shit you doin
how you expect me to be the same person, I'm not the same 
person, why, cause of th shit you be doin.

Guy: Yeah, so what the fuck you sayin?

Ashanit: Uhh, what am I sayin?

Guy:Yeah what the fuck you sayin

Ashanti: Im sayin its ova!