Text písně


The kind of fire seldom seen 
Steppin' into your machine 
Hope that i can turn it on 
She dances all night and sleeps all day 
The room's a mess the dad's away 
She puts her heroes on the wall 
With her greenlights, greenlights, so hold the faded flowers to my chest 
Greenlight, greenlight 'cause all the faded flower are the best 

She said the things she will expects 
From magazines to her intellect 
These are words I will forget 
She likes the boys that sing the songs 
Something wicked this way comes 
I know I can sing along 

Just give me the greenlights, greenlights 
To hold the faded flowers to my chest 
Greenlight, greenlight those underrated flowers are the best 
 [ I was barely out of school, when I meet her, she knew someone that I was with, I've never seen anything like that before, She was trouble, exclusive trouble 
 I am not the only she seems to say and for a little while she was...] 

Leave the light on, Leave the light on 
Leave the light on, just Leave the light on oooh oooh 
Leave the light on 
She gave me the greenlight, greenlights to hold the faded flowers to my chest 
She gave me the greenlights, greenlights 'cause all the waited flowers are the best 
'Cause all the faded flowers are the best