Text písně

Rhythm Divine

Escucha el ritmo de tu corazon (Whispered)

From the coast of Ipanema
To the Island of Capri
All the way to Kuala Lumpur
I will follow you wherever you may be
From the moment, I first saw you
Knew my heart could not be free
Have to hold you in my arms now
There can never be another for me

All I need is the rhythm divine
Lost in the music your heart will be mine
All I need is to look in your eyes
Viva la musica, say you'll be mine

Can you feel the heat of passion
Can you taste our love's sweet wine
Join the dance and let it happen
Put tomorrow's cares right out of your mind
As the music draws you closer
And you fall under my spell
I will catch you in my arms now
Where the night can take us no one can tell


Gotta have this feeling forever
Gotta live this moment together
Nothing else matters, just you and the night
Follow on the wings of desire
Now the rhythm's taking you higher
No one can stop us from having it all
You are my heart, you are my soul

[chorus 2x]

Yeah, oooh 
Can you feel the rhythm
Can you feel the rhythm 
Can you feel the rhythm, burning, burning