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The One You Chose

Give a man a yeller and he’ll be your friend forever
Give a man a speckled bird and he’ll never leave your side
And darling, truly making love will take you higher than the mountains
And you take you what it takes you boy to make your spirit rise

Me and you are moving to a truly new dimension
Full of new surprises on this river that we’re riding
Darling, up ahead is crazy with the freedom and it’s wilder
Welcome to the one you chose to run there by your side

Maybe what you see is what you got and what you wanted
Take me at my word that it’s the best that I can be
I will go down trying hard to teach you how to trust me
And I’ll love you ‘til it happens darling or eternity

Holding on to something that keeps holding us together
Stronger than the circumstances tearing us apart
I’ve just got a feeling, if I’m wrong you can correct me
I believe I just sang my way back in your heart