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You Bring Me Joy

Heyy, heyy, heyyy!

Heyy, heyy, heyyy!

Heyy, heyy, heyyy!

I don't know what I would do

Do without you

In my life boy

I don't know if I could live

Live without you

You bring me joy

[Verse 1]

You know if the time is right

I don't wanna fuss n fight

I just wanna let you know

I'm feeling good tonight

I want you to take my hand

And promise you'll be cool

Cause I know you like the way that I move

Oh, oh boy you bring me joy

Some try to play me

But they can't fade me

Oh, oh boy you've go it goin on

And you make me happy (happy)

So very happy

[Verse 2]

You know when I think of you

I'm thinkin of myself

I just wanna be with you, my friend

And no one else

It's not hard

To say what I feel

Cause you know that my love is for real

Oh, oh boy I'll be your toy

Come on and play with me

And never leave me

Oh, oh boy you've got it goin on

And you satisfy me (yes you do)

You satisfy me

So much joy

In my world

Be my man

And I'll be your girl

[Verse 3]

Wait just a minute

Something else is on my mind

I don't wanna have to tell you

This but one more time

You're the only man I want

And I ain't never gonna front

On ya baby so relax your mind

And realize

[Chorus (Repeat)]

Realize that I'm gonna do you right